Sapphire 6 Wall & Universal Cap

Sapphire 6 Wall & Universal Cap


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Sapphire’s radius bottom eliminates the need for cleaning courses, saving time and hassle. Corners are split on one 16” and 8” side. 3” Universal Cap is split face front/back. To estimate Universal Cap, divide wall length by 1.33. Lead times vary. Please call for details.

Item Dimensions       Face Area         Weight (ea.)          Units/Pallet       Weight/Pallet

Sapphire 17.25 x 12 x 6” H              0.75 sq. ft.          68 lbs.                  45 (33.75 sq. ft.) 3,100 lbs.
Corner                 16 x 8 x 6” H              0.66 sq. ft.                61 lbs.                  48 (32 sq. ft.)        3,002 lbs.

3“ Universal Cap                 18 W x 11 x 3” H       1.5 In. ft.          40 lbs.          36 (54 ln. ft.)         1,508 lbs.

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