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Color Swatches

Due to the inherent nature of printed literature and current digital media, Acker-Stone cannot guarantee exact color matching from use of printed color swatches. The materials that are used in Acker-Stone’s pavers and walls deliver a range of natural colors that closely match those used in physical samples,catalogs, web sites, color swatch photography and digital images. Pavers and walls will vary slightly due to the environmental conditions. Therefore, color swatch photographs are an approximate representation of color and not an exact match. Final color selection should be made from physical product. If there are discrepancies, contact Acker-Stone sales representative before project installation commences. Installation of product constitutes its acceptance.


Ackerstone’s pavers  are manufactured from earth-based materials, including cement, aggregates, coloring and water. The normal variation of these natural raw materials affect such features as color, textures and surface. Therefore, uniformity of such characteristics among paving stones cannot be guaranteed.

Efflorescence is a naturally occurring process in all concrete products that sometimes appears in the form of a white powdery substance on the surface. It does not compromise the functionality or structural integrity of the product. Although efflorescence cannot be completely prevented, it will wash off overtime and can be cleaned with efflorescence cleaner. Acker-Stone accepts no responsibility or liability for this condition.

Compaction Equipment
Paving stones with an embossed, slate surface or face mix surface finish are more susceptible to scuffing from compaction equipment used in most paver installations. Acker-Stone recommends the use of a urethane mat between the plate and the paver surface when compacting. Contact your equipment supplier for information about accessories for this purpose. Acker-Stone will not be held responsible for damage caused by the misuse of compaction equipment,leaving scuff marks, or burns on pavers.

Proper Color Distribution Through Laying Techniques
Proper installation enhances the overall color of the pavement surface. Pavers should be selected from at least three separate pallets and then randomly mixed. This creates an attractive and subtle blend of color.

Subtle variances in production and environmental factors could affect the density, weight, and definite sizes of each paver. All specs listed on product pages are approximates and nominal to the actual weight and sizing of our pavers and pallets

Acker-Stone provides a lifetime guarantee on the structural integrity of its paving stones to the original single-family home purchaser. Poor or faulty installations that are not in compliance with ICPI guidelines will render this guarantee null and void. Replacement labor and transportation costs are not included in this guarantee. This warranty does not apply to any breakage, chipping, natural wear or other deterioration that was caused from improper design or installation which does not comply with applicable codes, the ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute), NCMA (National Concrete Masonry association) and recognized work procedures. Please visit and for more information on installation specifications. This warranty does not apply to any damage resulting from a natural disaster or from a deliberate and/or negligent act on the part of the purchaser, owner of the building, installer or any third party. For more information about the commercial warranty, please contact your Acker-Stone representative.