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A Tradition of Innovation and Exellence

Since the mid-1980s, Acker-Stone has been at the forefront of shaping the interlocking paving stone market in the United States. Our journey began with a pioneering spirit, introducing innovative manufacturing techniques that revolutionized the industry. Today, we continue to lead with our commitment to developing new, long-lasting premium paving solutions that blend timeless aesthetics with enduring quality.

Engineering Excellence Meets Artistic Vision

Our legacy is built on a foundation of design and engineering excellence. At Acker-Stone, we understand that each project is a unique expression of your vision. We blend this vision with our expertise to create welcoming personal retreats that resonate with sophistication and charm. Our dedication to craftsmanship ensures every Acker-Stone paving stone is not just a component but a piece of art.

Giora Ackerstein,
Acker-Stone's Founder

Custom Solutions for Timeless Beauty
We specialize in custom, premium paving stones, designed to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary landscapes. Our process involves working closely with you to bring your distinct vision to life, ensuring that each stone reflects the elegance and durability synonymous with the Acker-Stone name.

Enduring Quality, Unmatched Consistency
Choose Acker-Stone for an unparalleled experience in creating spaces that endure both in beauty and function. Our commitment to quality and consistency means you can depend on our paving stones to maintain their allure and integrity for years to come.

Welcome to Acker-Stone – where your vision meets our legacy of excellence.