A new and innovative way to protect and seal pavers: Acker-Lock™


A new and innovative way to protect and seal pavers: Acker-Lock™

Acker-Stone has incorporated a sealant technology that is unmatched by any other sealant available. Unlike the conventional processes of subsequent sealing or impregnation, the Acker-Lock system is part of the production process and as a result integrated into the concrete stone. Colors and surfaces are permanently refined and protected, creating the only treatment that truly provides 360° protection.


As part of the production process the Acker-Lock system penetrates the whole stone and becomes part of it. Unlike other impregnations and coatings, the advantage of Acker-Lock is that it is intensive to mechanical damage and climatic condition. Colors and surfaces have a durable protective finish; they weather considerably less than uncoated and conventionally coated concrete products.

Acker-Lock's higher resistance to dirt and the reduced time taken in cleaning have been scientifically proven in a report from the Ruhr University of Bochum. The decision by McDonalds to use our Acker-Lock products in Germany and Austria, the USA, Sweden and Canada for areas that tend to need intensive cleaning emphasizes this technology's advantages.


Concrete, as well as natural stone, have fine capillaries which can be penetrated by moisture and dirt. The Acker-Lock system is permanently bonded in the stone offering 360° protection. Moisture and dirt cannot infiltrate the stone, or do so only partially. Marks can quickly and easily be removed with water and gentle external cleaning agents, leading to less frequent and easier cleaning.

Acker-Lock used on highly trafficked surfaces, publicly and residentially, leads to a noticeable reduction in maintenance costs due to reduced cleaning requirements. The Acker-Lock system has excellent tried and tested results, used throughout Germany, Israel, Canada, the USA and several European countries. Germany engineering started development of this technology for protecting the surfaces of concrete paving stones more than 10 years ago.


In order to visibly demonstrate the low maintenance of a Acker-Lock surface, we have spread used oil, red wine, coffee, ketchup and mustard on a Acker-Lock-protected paving stone and on an unprotected paving stone and left it to take effect for several hours. Afterwards the stains were cleaned with soapy water and a brush.

Result: slight residue of used oil, otherwise problem-free removal of all stains from the Acker-Lock-protected paving stone; residues on the unprotected paving stone.

To see the Acker-Lock technology being tested, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYbXawEg25c