SB-7000 Gloss Joint Stabilizing Sealer

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SB-7000 Enhanced Look Gloss Finish 
Joint Stabilizing Sealer

* Moderately Enhances Surface Tone with Gloss Finish
* Provides Water, Salt, Stain & UV Protection
* Bonds Joint Sand to Reduce Sand Loss
* Promotes Easier Cleaning & Maintenance
* Breathable, Immediate Application Water Based Sealer

SB-7000 Joint Stabilizing Sealer is a water-based, single component, self-crosslinking acrylic co-polymer sealer and joint sand stabilizer with outstanding durability. This product can be used inside and outside, on old and new pavements, sealing the surface and stabilizing joint sand at the same time. It can be applied immediately after paver installation, as it is breathable and will not trap the naturally occurring efflorescence. SB-7000 will also protect the surface from salts, acids and other corrosive chemicals as well as help to provide easier maintenance and to minimize overall surface weathering and deterioration. SB-7000 is non-hazardous and exceeds all VOC/EPA standards. SB-7000 has the consistency of water and is milky white in appearance when applied and then dries clear, creating an enhanced look with gloss finish. SB-7000 is a single application product. Cured sealer is freeze resistant to -60°F (-51°C) and is stable up to a temperature of 180°F (82°C).

Joint Stabilizing Sealers can be used just as a sealer for pavers, concrete and other masonry surfaces without joint sand stabilization.

Suitable Surfaces

Ideal for concrete and clay pavers, decorative or plain concrete, masonry, natural or manufactured stone, unglazed tile and terrazzo.


  • Product IDSB-7000 G
  • Notes1 Gallon - Case of 6
  • SB-7000 P
  • 5 Gallon Pail
  • SB-7000 D
  • 55 Gallon Pail