Acker-Stone's color selection has been influenced by the Region's rich, natural hues and tones. The collection includes colors and color blends in perfect harmony with the architectural styles prevalent throughout Arizona. Acker-Stone pavers maintain their look for decades. It's the result of a proven manufacturing technique developed to enhance the long-term durability of our surface finishes, colors and textures. This process has allowed Acker-Stone to thrive for over 30 years.

FM Colors

Agave FM

Amaretto FM

Arizona Tan FM

Buff FM

Caramel FM

Charcoal FM

Dark Blue

Dark Brown

Forest Green

Granada White FM

Graphite FM

Israel Pewter FM

Khaki FM

Light Grey FM

Light Mesa Beige FM

Mesa Beige FM

Mesa Buff FM

Mocha Brown FM

Oyster White FM

Pale Blue FM

Pale Green FM

Pale Lime FM

Palomino FM

Pewter FM

Red FM

River Red FM

San Diego Buff FM

Stanford Sand FM

Terra Cotta FM

Vegas Brown FM

White FM

Yellow FM

Color Blends

Antique Brown TM

Antique Pewter TM

Antique Red TM

Apache Gold TM

Big Horn TM

Camelback TM

Catina Blend TM

Antique Kobble in Charcoal Brown Buff TM

Gila River TM

Limestone TM

Mojave TM

Navajo Red TM

Oak Creek Blend TM

Old Town Blend TM

Olive Green Charcoal TM

Red Buff Charcoal TM

San Tan TM

Terra Cotta Brown TM

Yuma Trail TM

Special Aggregates

Brown with Buff Agg FM

Buff with Green Agg FM

Charcoal with Large Black Agg FM

Chestnut Brown with Del Sol Agg FM

Granada White with AZ Del Mar Agg FM

Granada White with Green and Blue Glass FM

Granada White with Large Slag FM

Israel Pewter with Small Slag FM

Khaki with Large Black Agg FM

Light Moonstone FM

Mesa Beige with Large Slag FM

Mocha Brown with AZ Del Mar Agg FM

Palomino with Del Sol Agg FM

Pewter with Amber Glass FM

Slate with Blue Agg FM

Stanford Sand with Seashells FM

Super White with Blue Glass FM

Super White with Large Black Agg FM

Venetian Black FM

Venetian Grey FM

SRI Collection

Granada White FM

Israel Pewter FM

Ivory FM

Mesa Buff FM

Port Yellow FM

Stanford Sand FM

Buff Tan Pewter TM

Icelandic FM

Malibu Canyon FM

Santa Barbara Sandstone TM

Delta Beige FM with AZ Del Mar Agg Grind

Delta Grey FM with AZ Del Mar Agg Grind

Delta White FM with AZ Del Mar Agg Grind

Delta Yellow FM with AZ Del Mar Agg Grind

Venetian Grey FM Shot Blast

White FM with Black Agg Grind


FM Standard

FM Grind

FM Shot Blast

FM Grind & Shot Blast

FM Hammer

FM Tumbled

TM Standard

TM Grind

TM Shot Blast

TM Grind & Shot Blast

TM Hammer

TM Tumbled

Embossed TM Standard

Embossed TM Shot Blast

Embossed TM Tumbled