Paseo Grande

Chamfer: Standard Chamfer
Pedestrian, walkways, patios, courtyards, pool decks, outdoor kitchens and outdoor living spaces.
Paseo Grande Specs
Stone Sizes (Nominal) 6 x 12 - 12 x 12 - 12 x 18
  150 mm x 300 mm - 300 mm x 300 mm - 300 mm x 450 mm
Thickness 6cm
Stones Per Pallet 


  6 x 12: 72, 12 x 12: 48, 12 x 18: 24     
Sq. Ft. Per Pallet 116
Weight Per Pallet  3239
Paseo Grande Colors
Custom Colors and Finishes available upon request. Please call for details.
Standard Through Mix Colors* Available Standard or Tumbled Finish. Please specify when ordering.
Standard Face Mix Colors*Extra Charge Will Apply
Textures & Finishes
Face Mix Face Mix: The application of a layer of fine aggregate, cement and color to the top surface of a concrete paver is called a Face Mix. This process provides rich, vibrant colors, a smoother more refined texture and greater abrasion resistance.
Paseo Grande Cut Sheet