Palazzo 24 x 24

Chamfers: Standard Chamfer & Slate Top Micro Chamfer
Roof Decks, walkways, patios, courtyards, pool decks, outdoor kitchens and outdoor living spaces and pedestal applications.
All On-Grade installations require Joint Spacers.
Palazzo 24 x 24 Specs
Size (Nominal)

23 1/2 x 23 1/2

597 mm x 597 mm


Thickness 5cm  
Stones Per Sq. Ft 0.25  
Stones Per Pallet 20  
Sq. Ft. Per Pallet 80  
Weight Per Piece 88.2  
Weight Per Pallet 1813  
Palazzo 24 x 24 Pattern
Click links below to download pattems in PDF or CAD format
  • /images/_Products/235_pattern_1350_as-palazzo_24x24-3_piece_ashlar-website.jpg
    3 Piece Ashlar
    20% 12 x 12 - 40% 12 x 24 - 40% 24 x 24
    PDF | DWG | PAT
  • /images/_Products/235_pattern_1349_as-palazzo_24x24-running_bond-website.jpg
    Running Bond
    100% Sqs.
    PDF | DWG | PAT
  • /images/_Products/235_pattern_1348_as-palazzo_24x24-stacked_bond-website.jpg
    Stacked Bond
    100% Sqs.
    PDF | DWG | PAT
Palazzo 24 x 24 Colors
Custom Colors and Finishes available upon request. Please call for details.
Monaco FinishThe Monaco Finish provides a smooth, polished surface that exposes the aggregate embedded within the concrete. Non-Standard Colors and special aggregates can be used to achieve a custom granite-like appearance.
*Extra Charge will Apply for Bentley White.
Contempo FinishThe Contempo Finish provides a lightly roughened, sand-blasted texture to the surface. This texture can be varied from a light texture that just exposes a small amount of aggregate, to a heavier more prominent aggregate exposure that leaves a more defined texture.
*Extra Charge will Apply for Bentley White.
Venetian FinishThe Venetian Finish combines the granite-like appearance with a delicate sandstone texture that adds slip resistance to the surface. This process texturizes the face of the paver, naturally exposing the aggregates to produce a one of a kind look. Custom colors along with special aggregates can be used to achieve an ultra custom look.
*Extra Charge will Apply for Bentley White.
Palazzo 24 x 24 Cut Sheet