Advantages of Acker-Stone Pavers

At Acker-Stone, we pride ourselves in leading the way in technological advances in the concrete paver industry.

We carry the largest variety of shapes and colors in both standard and permeable concrete pavers. Custom colors and designer textures are available in a variety of finishes including tumbled, shot blast, grind and hammer finishes.

Acker-Stone Pavers can be stunning in their beauty. But, the advantages of interlocking pavers over concrete and asphalt go far beyond aesthetics. Properly installed, pavers resist shifting, sinking or buckling, providing an excellent surface for walking, bicycling, driving cars, trucks and even forklifts.

Additionally, street repair is simplified, as streets can be opened for such activity as utility line repair, and the pavers replace to their original appearance without the need of additional patching materials.

  Acker-Stone Pavers Concrete Asphalt
Curb Appeal High Moderate Low
Performance Never cracks Lifetime Warranty (residential) Never warranted against cracking surface Traffic and weather will break down
Durability Never cracks / not affected by heat, freeze, thaw or seismic activity Severely damaged by heat, freeze and thaw leading to cracking Requires sealer coat every 4-5 years. Ruts and cracks can develop from use
Strength 8000 P.S.I. 3000 P.S.I. Less than 1000 P.S.I.
Repair Easily repaired and accessed underneath. No curing time Expensive to break through and leaves scars / requires 5-7 days of curing Expensive to access and leaves scars.
Colors, Shapes and Sizes Available in a wide selection of colors, shapes and sizes. Very aesthetically pleasing Limited amount of choices available Predominately black. Hard to get clean edges
Lifetime Warranty Yes No No