Stone Pavers

At Acker-Stone, we have been providing the best quality paving stones in the industry for many decades. Our range of pavers includes concrete interlocking pavers and permeable pavers for driveways and patios; as well as stone pavers; both natural and manufactured. We offer our clients an abundance of choice with an array of choice in size, shape, color and textures of paving stones.

It is our goal to be a constant leader and manufacturer of the best quality pavers in the US. We have plants in California and Arizona and supply the entire country with premium quality paver stones for all types of applications. Such applications may include patios, driveways, walkways, sidewalks, pool decks and garden pathways.

Our attention to detail and our quality assurance is the key to our continued success and the production of top quality pavers. Our clients appreciate that we ‘green’ conscious, and continuously working on sustainability and LEED concepts to create a healthy balance between construction and functionality.

Advantages of Stone Pavers

There are many benefits to using natural stone pavers for your hardscaping projects. Here are some of the benefits of applying stone pavers to your driveway, patio, walkway or sidewalk:

  • Easy to install: when it comes to the installation of stone pavers, there is no doubt that it one of the easier materials to install. Pavers can be mortar-set or sand-set. Both methods are simple to do and can even be taken on by the novice do-it-yourself enthusiast.
  • Easy to maintain: it is always recommended that you regularly clean and seal your stone pavers. The reasons for this is so that you can maintain that new look and prevent them from becoming stained and drab looking.
  • Easy to repair: one of the benefits that sets stone pavers apart from materials like poured concrete is when it comes to repairs. If you have cracked concrete, the process and cost of repairs can be significant. However, with stone pavers it just a matter of pulling up the damaged or stained pavers and replacing them with new ones. This is a cost-effective and efficient flooring material.
  • Increases aesthetic appeal: it is easily said that natural stone pavers are very pleasing to the eye. There is a wide range of stones that are cut into paving stones such as granite, travertine, flagstone, marble and slate, to name a few. Any and all of these stone pavers will add to the aesthetic appeal of your home or commercial property.
  • Perfect material for outdoor use: natural stone pavers are of course ideal for use outdoors and will only look better over time. Manufactured stone pavers are produced to be able to perform well in all types of weather and under load-bearing conditions as well. That is why stone pavers are one of the best outdoor flooring materials on the market today.
  • Withstand the natural climate: whether the pavers are manufactured stone or natural stone; both are going to be able to withstand all types of weather conditions. From hot climates to snow and ice seasons, stone pavers will perform well and last a lifetime.

So, if you are about to endeavor on a patio project; we have two manufacturing plants, one in California and one in Arizona. Contact our friendly and helpful staff today and let's get you the best patio pavers on the market today. With so many design choices; you can easily create a unique patio that will enhance the look and feel of outdoor areas.

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