Retaining Walls

When you are constructing any outdoor elements in a landscape, you need to have level ground for the installation. If the land has slopes or if the grading isn’t right, you would have to first excavate and level it well before you start any construction work there. The exposed soil and rock of the slopes would need a certain amount of support to prevent mudslides and soil erosion and this is where retaining walls come into the picture.

We at Acker-Stone manufacture excellent, high-quality retaining wall blocks and other products. You can source these from our authorized dealerships across California and Arizona. Our pavers are used in residential, commercial as well as public projects and we have made our mark in this field by providing an extensive range of products for various applications.

Retaining Wall Construction

When a retaining wall is being built, the site has to be prepared well and the blocks have to be installed meticulously. The retaining wall systems you choose should be engineered well. We manufacture some of the highest-grade retaining wall blocks on the market. We have worked hard, conducted in-depth research and have honed our production skills over the decades. We use the latest technology in our work and the best raw materials to ensure that you get premium products that are functional and long-lasting.

Characteristics and Benefits of Concrete Retaining Walls Blocks

  • Superior Strength & Durability - These blocks are manufactured to be able to withstand inclement weather conditions and heavy wear and tear.
  • Ease of Installation - They are modular in design and made to fit into each other to form a resilient structure.
  • Blocks Available in a Variety of Shapes, Colors And Sizes - this gives you the design flexibility you need to create the kind of retaining walls that will meet your requirements and complement the look of the other features and installations on your property.
  • Affordable - Concrete is very a very affordable material when compared to retaining walls systems made of brick or natural stone. This reduces the overall cost of your project.
  • Aesthetics - We are highly focused on ensuring our retaining wall blocks are the best in every aspect and so we also ensure that they are aesthetically appealing. Many designs imitate the appearance of natural stone so you get the same styling, but at a much lower price tag.
  • Low Maintenance - Our retaining wall products require minimal maintenance and they perform well for decades.

Types of Retaining Wall Products

Regardless of the scale and scope of your project, you will find that our range of retaining wall products will suit your requirement. Since there are different varieties to choose from, you may want to know more about the features of each before you decide which system you would like to install.

You will find a lot of information about our products on our website.
For any queries, and to discuss your requirement, feel free to call Acker-Stone at this number 480-344-6910. You can also look for a dealer closest to your location by using this dealer locator tool.

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