Permeable Pavers

Outdoor spaces see a considerable amount of wear and tear, not just from foot and vehicular traffic, but from constant exposure to the elements as well. This means they deteriorate faster than installations in indoor areas of your property. The one way to combat this problem is to use resilient and durable materials that are specially made for outdoor applications and are designed to be weather-resistant; and permeable pavers fit the bill to the tee.

We at Acker-Stone have been operating in this industry since 1928 and have brought to market a range of high quality paver and wall installation products. You can source our permeable paver units and other products from authorized dealerships across California and Arizona. These paver stones are used in residential, commercial as well as public projects.

About Permeable Pavers

Today, most people are focused on using environment-friendly products in construction as well as within their homes and commercial properties. Permeable paving is one of the most environmentally-friendly varieties of flooring products. We have an impressive line of these concrete pavers and they are the ideal solution for managing surface water effectively.

These units have a pervious surface and allow the water to get soaked into the ground. We manufacture residential as well a commercial permeable pavers using the latest technology and techniques. While we are focused on providing customers a wide variety of options to choose from, we are also conscious about doing our bit for the environment. There are a number of benefits to using these installations:

  • These eco-friendly paving stones, recharge the ground water
  • They reduce flooding and down-stream erosion
  • Permeable paving stones are excellent for taking the strain off the storm water systems
  • They also significantly reduce the amount of pollutants that get carried into the common water systems
  • Ideal for commercial and residential outdoor applications
  • Available in a variety of shades, colors and designs

Custom Concrete Permeable Pavers

While we have a vast variety of standard textures and finishes, we know that many clients have specific preferences and requirements. We specialize in the manufacture of custom paver stones in designer textures and custom colors and you can choose from finishes such as hammer and grind finishes, shot blast and tumbled.

To achieve these textures and colors, we use different types of mixes:

  • Through Mix: These pavers have a coarser surface and have color through the entire paver. There is a wide variation in the depths and shades of these colors.
  • Face Mix: These pavers have a smooth & refined texture and are more resistant to abrasion. The layer of cement, color and aggregate applied to the upper surface is referred to as the Face Mix; and is possible to get very vibrant colors via this manufacturing technique.

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