Concrete Pavers

Interlocking Concrete pavers are one of the most widely used types of paving stones by homeowners, contractors, designers and architects. At Acker-Stone Industries, we are proud to be a leader in manufacturing some of the most innovative and environmentally conscience interlocking concrete pavers on the market. It is our goal to provide our clients with green solutions and a wide range of design options. We offer the largest variety of concrete paver shapes, colors and textures.

Our paver manufacturing plants are located in Chandler, Arizona and Corona, California, featuring state of the art manufacturing techniques and facilities. If you have any inquiries about obtaining our unique concrete pavers for your next project, please contact our friendly and helpful staff for assistance. Let us make your next paver project a beautiful, eco-friendly, functional and long-lasting construction.

Concrete Paver Applications

There is no doubt that interlocking concrete pavers are widely used across California and Arizona for a wide range of outdoor applications. Property owners are placing much more importance on the look and function of their outdoors nowadays. If you're going to invest in hardscape elements then you want to ensure you are getting quality products that also make the design statement you are looking for. Two of the most popular applications for concrete pavers include the following:

Patio Pavers: concrete pavers make the ideal material for patios. When it comes to the aesthetics of your patio, you will be delighted with the variety of design possibilities. The great thing about concrete pavers is that they are a manufactured product, which means you unlimited choices in colors, shapes, sizes and textures. You may even have your patio pavers custom made. Your patio will not only be stunning to look at but it will also be durable. Our exquisite line of concrete paver products are the direct result of decades of testing to ensure we produce the most sustainable and functional pavers available.

Driveway Pavers: when it comes to choosing your driveway pavers, you want to make sure the chosen material can handle the constant load of vehicular traffic. You need a driveway paver that will not only complement the look of your property, for it will be a feature, but also one that is durable and can stand the test of time. Acker-Stone pavers are known for being the highest quality driveway pavers on the market. You can choose the look that you want to achieve knowing that the durability of our pavers will be perfect for a driveway installation.

Benefits of Concrete Pavers

Let us now point out some of the benefits of using concrete pavers for hardscaping projects for both residential and commercial properties:

  • Sturdy: concrete pavers are an extremely sturdy material. We manufacture our pavers to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions without cracking. This is made possible through an interlocking system of installation whereby the surface contracts and expands with the weather.
  • Load-Bearing: again the interlocking system of concrete paver installation enables the surface to withstand heavy loads without damaging the pavers. Hence, they are the ideal material for driveways and even parking lots.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: as mentioned above concrete pavers interlock into each other which is fast and efficient in forming string and durable surface.
  • Ease of Repairs: if you have any damaged pavers all you need to do is replace the effected pavers with new ones. This is a huge money saver when compared to repairing other materials such as concrete slabs.
  • Low Maintenance: concrete pavers are very low in maintenance requirements. All they need is sealing every few years and also some pressure washing from time to time to maintain a beautiful looking surface.
  • Ideal for Wet Areas: concrete pavers can be installed around swimming pools for they are slip-resistant.
  • Endless Design Options: because of the huge range of colors, shapes and textures available, your concrete paver project can be as unique as your imagination.
  • Cost-effective: you can get the look of natural stone products like flagstone, bluestone and travertine without the hefty price tag. Concrete pavers have been manufactured to imitate the look of natural stone products.

Permeable Concrete Pavers

One of the most environmentally friendly types of concrete pavers is our elegant line of permeable pavers. This type of paver is the perfect solution for the effective management of surface water. As the name suggests these pavers form a permeable or pervious surface. Therefore water is able to be soaked back into the ground. Permeable pavers take the pressure off storm water systems and reduce the amount of pollution carried into our water systems. Acker-Stone manufactures a complete range of permeable pavers for both residential and commercial applications.

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