4 x 12

Chamfers: No Chamfer & Micro Chamfer
8cm: Pedestrian, light vehicular traffic, residential driveways, walkways, patios, courtyards, pool decks, outdoor kitchens and outdoor living spaces.
10cm: Heavy Vehicular
Slight chipping on the edges of Non-Chamfered Paving Units is inherent and is not considered a manufacturing defect.
Special installation required. Please call for details.
4 x 12 Specs
Stone Size       3 7/8 x 11 3/4
        100 mm x 300 mm
Thickness (Nominal)       8cm 10cm
Stones Per Sq. Ft.       3.1 3.1
Stones Per Pallet       320 256
Sq. Ft. Per Pallet       105 84
Weight Per Piece       11.8 14.8
Weight Per Pallet       3779 3760
4 x 12 Pattern
Click links below to download pattems in PDF or CAD format
4 x 12 Colors
Custom Colors and Finishes available upon request. Please call for details.
Standard Face Mix Colors8cm Micro Chamfer Standard Colors.
Limited Quantities. Call for details.
Textures & Finishes
Face Mix Face Mix: The application of a layer of fine aggregate, cement and color to the top surface of a concrete paver is called a Face Mix. This process provides rich, vibrant colors, a smoother more refined texture and greater abrasion resistance.
4 x 12 Cut Sheet